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Louvre museum

duration: 1h45-2h

This visit will allow you to meet the masterpieces of the Louvre:  Mona Lisa of course,  Venus of Milo,  Victory of Samothrace ... But, the Louvre is much more than just a museum! Along our route you will also discover its history because the Louvre was a fortress and a royal residence long before becoming a museum. Whether it's your first time at the Louvre or not, I will offer you landmarks and reading keys allowing you to approach the works of art that we will see there together ... and who knows, I may even present my darlings :)

 Versailles palace,
the gardens.

interior visit: 1h45-2h

Come and (re) discover the masterpiece of Louis XIV at Versailles. It will be the opportunity to get into its history  and also  its more intimate talk... I will take you to the King and Queen's Grand Apartments ... the Hall of Mirrors is, for sure, one of  the must-sees of the palace. Take the opportunity to  complete the interior visit of the palace with a visit of the French  style gardens of Louis XIV, independently or with me, according to your wish.

Marie-Antoinette's estate

Book your afternoon!

I developed this visit in order to share what I like most about the great estate of Versailles: the estate of Marie-Antoinette. It is also a magnificent opportunity to evoke life in Versailles at a time other than that of Louis XIV and through the life of the  hated or adored  but always emblematic queen Marie- Antoinette. This afternoon visit goes with a gourmet break that will allow you to get your strength back to explore more after discovering the Petit Trianon.

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The Invalides

duration: 1h45-2h

Often unknown, even to  Parisians, it is nevertheless a monument of incredible richness where you could spend  days ...

And if you are still among those who do not know this Parisian gem, please,do not  make any research. Treat yourself to the (rare) luxury of surprise in  discovering it with me!
You will understand why it was commissioned by our Sun King himself, what it is used as today, everything it contains, all the famous people who are attached to it ... But also how Napoleon "ended" there.
You will be charmed by all its various facets and I hope that, like me, it will become your big favourite in Paris.

It is with great pleasure that I will give you all the information you might need to extend your visit or plan the next one to the Invalides when you, too, will have fallen in love with this Parisian giant.


Opéra Garnier 

duration: 1h45-2h

The Opéra Garnier stands out in the heart of its Haussmannian setting. Napoleon III wanted to put his stamp on Paris and this opera house became one of his greatest achievements.The young architect Charles Garnier  designed it as a conductor  would  his musical score. A synthesis of what has been done before in terms of opera houses, it is at the same time a completely innovative building in many aspects.
Let's go to the Opera Garnier together, I'll tell you its story and its little secrets.Will  the Phantom  play one of his tricks on  us ?! With family or friends, the visit also becomes an interactive game, if you wish to…



duration: 2h30-3h

Montmartre is much more than the Sacré Coeur, the Moulin Rouge or the Place du Tertre and its artists. Through this visit, I invite you to  go  much further beyond those  picturesque cliches. I will introduce you  to this artistic, touching and charming village. Through its history, it has also been mischievous and rebellious .
At one time, Parisians considered Montmartre exotic enough to make it the destination of their sunday stroll, so I invite you to repeat this stroll with me.
This visit could include a coffee break to enjoy the atmosphere ... or time for a little portrait!

City island (Ile de la Cité)

Holy Chapel.

duration: 2 hours approx.

What is magnificent with the City island is that it allows you to go back in time and retrace the history of the city of Paris. The island has long been the religious and political center of the city, Notre-Dame cathedral and the Conciergerie, a royal palace then  a prison for Marie-Antoinette, being the  witnesses of both uses.
Notre-Dame remains visible despite the fire that damaged it and we will not fail to make it a landmark in our visit. But, you will be surprised to see all there is to discover on the Ile de la Cité. Travelling back in different periods of time (including WW2 !) will allow us to discover its evolution, that of the life of Parisians and of the whole city…
Our visit can also include the interior visit of the Holy Chapel. Built by Saint Louis to make it a marvelous setting for relics dearly acquired for France. The Holy Chapel will enchant you with its decoration and its stained glass windows.

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City tour of Paris

duration: 3h approx.


Ideal if it is your first time in Paris and thus discover the essentials in a few hours. Specially adapted for groups.

Our  vehicle will be adapted to the size of your group, from the private car to the 50 seater coach.  It will pick you up and drop you off  at your convenience in Paris at the end of our tour.

This visit which I will be pleased to comment for you as we go, will allow you to get to know your way through the city, discover the most emblematic monuments but also the history of our capital and oh-so-beautiful country. We can stop for photos too.

Depending on your wishes, we can also combine it with a museum or walking tour : the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles, the City island or even Montmartre ...







Discover. Learn. Enjoy.

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